Welcome to Beauty Rises

What does Beauty Rises do?

Our purpose is to inspire hope and heroism in people who need it most.  Our programs are offered to patients at hospitals, students at schools, and to the general public through social media campaigns.  One expected outcome of our cause is to elevate cultural attitudes about beauty, especially among women and girls, by demonstrating that "beauty rises" from within.  Service activities, public events, and media campaigns are key elements of our movement.  Join us!

Women & Girls

We will change society's attitude about beauty among women and girls, by inspiring them to search inward to discover self-worth.  Our goal is to help internalize the fact that "heroines" are truly beautiful because of their influence for good in the world and how they inspire others to do the same.  We hope that generations of women (daughters, grand-daughters, mothers, grand-mothers, etc.) will subscribe to this idea that "beauty rises" from within.


We will offer resources to hospitals and medical facilities who are treating women and girls that need help.  Since illness and injury sometimes suppress a patient's hope of healing, our program helps nurture the confidence to recover and commit to living a beautiful life.  Our health care message will be an early voice of encouragement to hospital patients and their families as they heal inside and out.  That's "how beauty rises".


We will deliver resources to schools through our speakers and media vignettes that will cultivate a meaningful dialogue among students.  All campus cultures need an honest boost to elevate how student life understands beauty.  Our campus programs (Elementary, High School, and College) will engage the student body to demonstrate "how beauty rises" from within through activities like organized service events, social media campaigns, and home-life improvements. 

Men & Boys

We will reshape the stigma surrounding men and boys by revealing how to perceive and appraise true beauty, especially among the women and girls in their own lives.  Our goal is to provide understanding for men and boys and to offer a standard which they can identify with and be accountable to.  By showing men "how beauty rises" in women, a mutual respect is achieved and society improves.

How are donations used?

Donated funds are used to create and share inspiring visual messages (like still and motion pictures), with the theme to show "how beauty rises".  These true stories will bring hope and understanding to those who need it most as we administer our programs in hospitals, schools, and communities, as well as service activities and public events geared toward promoting this message.  We will give a voice to the many true stories of women and girls who have overcome adversity to find the best in themselves -- and inspire others to do the same. 

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Beauty Rises holds 501(c)(3) status - All donations are fully tax-deductible